Wirecutter review: burr grinders.

Wirecutter review: burr grinders.

The winner.

Grind matters. A great cup of coffee is hard to achieve unless you have a uniform, even grind. Don’t believe us? Try using a French press with beans unevenly masticated with one of those cheap whirly grinder thingamabobs. You’ll be washing the bitter, resentful grains of our truth out of the bottom of your favorite mug for days. And too fine a grind can make a Chemex feel like a never-ending lab experiment in pour-over failure. Never doubt us, son. We’re experts. So which grinder is best? The helpful folks at Wirecutter have put in the hours and hours of thankless research to discover which grinder is the best. Here’s the article. We will cut right to the winner: The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with 40 grind settings and a price tag that is reasonable for most people for whom coffee is an obsession.

Get one by clicking this (paid) link. (Thanks)

(Check out the article for recommendations on more expensive grinders, hand-powered grinders and more. It’s very well done.)

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