Cold-brew secret: the IKEA  dish towel.

Cold-brew secret: the IKEA dish towel.

We are huge fans of the IKEA dish towel. It’s inexpensive. ($0.79 in the store, a little over a buck apiece if you buy them through Amazon (See link below). They make great napkins. You can pull a hot pan out from under the broiler without burning yourself. You can use two of them to reposition a messy beer can chicken on the grill without spilling a drop of beer. They help cut down on the number of paper towels your family will use. But best of all, they make fantastic filters for cold brew coffee. Just soak a pound of coffee overnight in a half-gallon of filtered water. Then line a sieve or colander with one or two towels and pour. It catches the grinds without a lot of trouble and because it’s 100% cotton, it cleans up in the washing machine with a little bleach. We buy them by the armfuls. Not near an IKEA? Buy here.

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